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Frequently Asked Questions

Number Plate FAQ

1. What is a legal number plate?

A legal number plate is one which uses only the mandatory typeface and nothing else. You are allowed to display a ‘Euro Block’ provided it is official to a specific country of origin.

2. If I have show plates on my car and get stopped by the police, what will happen?

You can be issued with a 14 day producer where you have to get your ticket stamped by an MOT testing station to say you have road legal plates on your vehicle.

If you happen to be stopped again by the police then you may receive an on the spot fine.
An on the spot fine may be issued the first time you are stopped (circumstances pending).

3. Can you produce number plates which can’t be seen by cameras?

Yes, we can produce this type of plate. However, we cannot guarantee they are 100% fool proof (light & camera angles can be a factor).

4. I want a small, cut down number plate for my vehicle. Is that legal?

No. Cut down number plates are not legal for road use.

5. I have a private registration and want it to look like a word or phrase. Can I move the letters around or change them so they appear different to achieve this?

We can do this on the understanding that they are for ‘show use only’. If you are stopped by the police you can be subject legal action (see question above). The police can or will inform the DVLA who can ultimately strip you of your private plate.
Any adjustment to the number plate letters will make the plate illegal.

General FAQ

1. Can J.D'Signs incorporate my own artwork?

Yes, we can incorporate your brand, artwork and logos into any work that we produce for you. We will work with you to ensure that your signage reflects your vision.

2. I Don't Have A Logo

No problem, over the years we have designed and branded many a business. We can happily help with the design of a logo.

3. How Many Years Of Experience Does J.D'Signs Have?

J.D’Signs was established in 1991 & traded for over 3 decades.

Collectively as a team we have over 71 years of trade experience.

4. What Types Of Payment Do You Accept?

We Accept The Following Payments:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit & Debit Cards.
  • Cash

5. How Can I Contact You?

We can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone: 01366 377 366

Email: info@jdsigns.net

Address: Southery Sign Studio (9 Westgate Street) • Southery •

Downham Market • Norfolk • PE38 0PA •

6. What Materials Do You Use?

We regularly use all types of material from acrylic, aluminum, banner, corrugated plastic, fabric, PVC, magnetic, vinyl and wood, to produce our signs.

7. How Long Will It Take To Complete My Work?

Because all of our work is bespoke, lead times vary with each job’s complexity.

Please contact us for an accurate time scale for your project.

8. What Fonts Can I Use?

You can pretty much use any font you wish. We have access to thousands.
We do however suggest that any font you choose is legible and reflects the brand you wish to portray.

9. Do You Provide Installation?

Yes, we provide for installation services. Either at our custom built workshop or on site at the clients premises.

10. What Resolution Do You Need?

All master images should be a minimum of 100-150 dpi.